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Facilities - Helidon

Emu Gully Helidon is "home base" with yards, stabling and a round yard. The brood mares have their foals here so they can be watched over, and of course our troop horses and those being prepared for showing can be rugged and stabled as needed.

Also on site is a Anzac display which includes restored army tanks, WW2 aircraft, Light Horse equipment including original saddles, bridles and a 1916 GS Wagon.

Large Round Yard

Training lane for long straight sessions behind the stable complex.

Driveway Entry

Emugully Stud Logo

Back paddock

Front paddocks

Indee Topic in his stable within
his stallion paddock

Mares in Gully Paddock

These are some of the items being collected for the new Anzac interactive museum, planned for commencement later in 2009. Note the fully restored 1916 GS Wagon as used by the Australian Light Horse in WWI.

Emu Gully Pindari

Emu Gully Pindari is located in Northern NSW on the rugged and beautiful Pindari Dam. This is rocky granite country with rough hills and gullies but with good feed on the flats. This is where we send our yearlings to "toughen up" to ensure they are sure footed and agile. Some older mares are also there to look after them and ensure they have good manners.

Emu Gully Pindari

Looking toward the old homestead