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ALHA "Association Cup" 2009


The Australian Light Horse Association held its annual “Association Cup” on June 20-21, 2009.  Around 22 horses turned up from Pine Rivers Troop, CQLH - Central Queensland Light Horse, QMI - Queensland Mounted Infantry Toowoomba 11th Regt and the Lockyer Light Horse Troop who hosted the event.

The special guest judge was Sgt Peter Leahy from Norforce Australian Army. They use Stock Horses to help patrol parts of our Northern border.  His wide experience and expertise was much appreciated. A great weekend had by all at the Emu Gully facility in Helidon.

Lockyer Troop A - On the far right is Jimmy out of our mare Penta Bonny

Lockyer Troop A - Section of four jumping course

Lockyer Troop B - 2nd in Best Presented and Drill
Emugully Rustic out of our mare Penta Dana - 2nd from right,
Indee Topic sire of our 2006/2007 foals - on far right



Best presented and drill:
        won by the Lockyer Troop A.

Best Skill at Arms, (involved tentpegging, sword and pistol to hit various targets, plus jumping in sections and half section):
        won by Pine Rivers Troop.
Best performed registered Australian Stock Horse:
        won by Lynda Rodgers on Penta Realistic (Jimmy), part of Lockyer Troop A.

Lynda on Jimmy about to shoot the balloon with pistol
while jumping

Lynda with Penta Realistic (aka Jimmy) receiving the
Monty Perpetual Trophy and rug for the
Best performed Australian Stock Horse at the annual ALHA games

Lynda on Jimmy carrying the dummy over
the obstacle course

Brad and Indee Topic taking a break

Success at the Ekka 2008

The Lockyer Light Horse troop was ably represented by a Section of Four horses from Emugully Heritage Stockhorse Waler stud at the Ekka this year. In an impressive field of 16 horses, all at the high level of presentation you would expect competing in the Royal Brisbane show, the four registered Australian Stockhorses owned by the Emugully stud were impeccably turned out and can be proud of their first performances in Troop and/or Police Horse classes against a much more experienced line up.

In the Individual Turnout class marked on presentation and authenticity of uniforms and riding gear, Anthony on Chief got first, Brad on Jimmy got second, Janelle on Haydon Sun Charm got 3rd and Lynda Rodgers on Booerie Creek Cavalier got 7th. It is interesting to note that these last 2 horses are descended from the sire of Midnight, a famous Waler horse killed in the Charge of Beersheba in 1917 ridden by Lt. Guy Haydon and Haydon Sun Charm was bred on the same station by the same family as Midnight and is an excellent example of a heritage stockhorse or modern day Waler (as are Jimmy and Cavalier). These same horses and riders also got 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th in the Individual riding event, 1st and 2nd in the Pairs event and 1st in the Section of Four event.

Emugully Section of Four.
Left to right: Chief, Jimmy, Sun Charm and Cavalier

2008 Ekka Best Troop Section

Pairs class

Haydon Sun Charm

Line up of all the troops after the classes with our horses on the left

Light Horse Troop Mounts

One of the main priorities of our stud is to breed reliable, quality mounts that are not only excellent stock horses, but are well suited for use as mounts in ALHA activities. We have four staff members at Emu Gully who are all members of the ALHA and are part of the 2nd Light Horse Regiment Lockyer Troop based at Gatton. Even though many of our mounts are only young (the oldest is our stallion at 5), all of our horses, due to their sensible and calm temperaments combined with a foundation of good training, consistently perform well in a wide variety of disciplines.

We participate in many parades and re-enactments and our horses have to be able to cope with crowds, traffic, bands, drill work, unexpected and loud noises (eg canon fire and guns) as well as cope with unusual environments eg being on the tarmac at RAAF Amberley base for a publicity shot in front of the F111's. The horses also need to be obedient and athletic to compete in the skills at arms events, which involve activities like jumping over obstacles while popping balloons with bayonets, charging dummies and cutting heads off dummies with swords, as well as tent pegging.

Haydon Sun Charm

Indee Topic Tent pegging at the ALHA Qld games at Monto 2006

Indee Topic at the Royal Brisbane Show 2006 as part of the Waler riding display

Light Horse Troop

The Lockyer Troop which included Indee Topic and Haydon Sun Charm (middle horses) won the Dale Robertson Trophy for best presented and best drilled troop section at Monto 2006.

2nd Light Horse Regiment Lockyer Troop in front of a F111 at the Amberley RAAF base, (including 4 of our horses).

Chief and Jimmy at the Toowoomba Heritage Rally ALHA parade

The Boys

Penta Realistic and Indee Topic in front of an F111 at RAAF Amberley base

The Emu Gully Section, Lockyer Valley Troop, jumping the "trenches" for a Channel 9 TV show for the 90th Anniversary of the Charge of Beersheba. On the right is Trooper Barry Rodgers on Haydon Sun Charm, this re-enactment has special meaning with this horse as this Heritage Australian Stock horse is related to the famous mare Haydon Midnight killed jumping the trenches at Beersheba.

Emugully section over trench in re-enactment
of Charge of Beersheba

Haydon Suncharm.

Our troop horses, left to right:
Sun Charm, Chief, Bushfire and Jimmy.

Sun Charm amidst a mock battle.