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Horses on Show
EKKA (Royal Brisbane Show) 2011

Lynda riding Emugully Bushfire during her individual workout.

Bushfire and Chief in the pairs class

Unfortunately due to injury of two of our troop horses, Emugully had only two horses competing against the Police Horses this year, representing the Lockyer Light Horse troop again in the Police/Troop Horse classes at the Royal Brisbane Show. The classes were judged differently this year, the Best Presented class was judged on how well the horse went as a potential troop/police horse in a hack style workout (somewhat challenging in full military kit hanging off the saddle was a gun, sword, water bottle, saddle wallet, feedbag, rolled up blanket, with the rider wearing a canvas shoulder bag and ammunition bandolier just to name some of the stuff) and none of the gear was inspected, unlike previous years where even the soles of rider's shoes were inspected, however we stillmanaged to get 3rd and 4th in a class of 10, as well as a 3rd in the pairs. Our horses and riders were commended for the high level of presentation and accuracy of their uniform and kit.

 EKKA (Royal Brisbane Show) 2010

August 2010 EKKA week was a miserable wet week, with horses and gear being totally soaked during the classes. Despite the miserable conditions, the four Emugully troop horses did well, getting first and second in best presented, 2nd in pairs and 3rd in section of four.

Chief got 1st in Best Presented, 2nd in pairs and 3rd in section of 4

Anzac got 2nd in best presented and yes it was raining hard!

In 2009 we took the following horses on the show circuit:

Emugully Tobruk (by Indee Topic out of Thornthwaite Splish)
Emugully Miss Kokoda (by Indee Topic out of Wiljohn Miss Muffet)
Emugully Miss Waratah (by Chandlers Warrego out of Wiljohn Miss Muffet)
Emugully Tanami (by Egans Til Buster out of Penta Satin)
Haydon Legacy (by Haydon Dancer out of Scotts Creek Destiny Bay) - a future stallion for our stud

Royal Brisbane Show (EKKA) (August 11th & 16th 2009)

Police and Troop Horse Classes 11th August

Emugully Bushfire got 1st in Best Presented

Jimmy and Chief got first in the pairs class.

Anzac and Bushfire got 3rd

Proudly leading the way around the arena

In a class of 18 horses - 6 horses from Lockyer troop and 12 police horses - the four Emu Gully horses did exceptionally well, winning 1st and 4th in Best Presented, 1st and 3rd in pairs and 2nd in Section of four.

Australian Stock Horse Classes Saturday 15th August

Emugully Tobruk got 5th out of a class of 17

Emugully Miss Waratah at Ekka

Gatton Show (July 18th 2009)

We only took our fillies to this show and in a large class of 9 fillies under 3 (weanlings, yearlings and two year olds)
Tobruk came first and Tanami came 3rd.
Tobruk then went on to win Champion ASHS under 3 against the winners of the gelding and colt classes.

Tobruk at 21 months Champion ASH 2 years and under

Tanami at 7 1/2 months came 3rd
in ASH filly 2 years and under

Lowood Show (May 30th 2009)

Miss Kokoda got 3rd in Best Presented ASH,
1st in All Breeds yearling filly and Reserve Champion All Breeds filly
and 2nd in ASH yearling filly

Legacy won All Breeds yearling colt and ASH yearling colt, and
ASH Champion colt under 3


Miss Waratah (7 months old)
2nd in the All Breeds weanling filly class and 1st in ASH weanling filly

Tanami (6 months old) got 3rd in the All Breeds weanling filly class
and 2nd in ASH weanling filly


Miss Kokoda and Miss Waratah won progeny pair - out of same dam.

Ipswich Show (May 2009)

Legacy won yearling colt and Champion colt under 3 (beating the weanling and 2 year old winning colts),
Miss Kokoda got 2nd in yearling filly and Tobruk got third, with the 2 girls winning progeny pair.

                                                    Haydon Legacy - Champion Colt under 3 (20 months old)   

The Royal Toowoomba Show (March 2009).

Tobruk came 2nd out of a class of 17 fillies 2 years and under and Legacy came 3rd  in his class for colts 2 years and under.


  Emugully Tobruk (18 months)   

Haydon Legacy (18 months)

Progeny on Show

This year (2008) we have taken three 2007 fillies by Indee Topic on the show circuit.

These are:

Emugully Tobruk (out of Thornthwaite Splish)

Emugully Miss Kokoda (out of Wiljohn Miss Muffet)

Emugully Suvla Bay (out of Glendonald Starlight)

Marburg Show (3/5/08)

Emugully Tobruk  (6 months old)

 Suvla, Kokoda and Tobruk at Marburg show




South QLD All Breeds Youngstock Show Gatton (5/5/08)


Tobruk - First in ASH under one and Reserve Champion Australian Stock Horse 3 years and under

Tobruk, Kokoda and Suvla



Ipswich Show (9/5/08)