We have sourced our brood mares widely to cover the majority of the old blood lines. In particular we have sourced mares from some of the old remount stations such as Bloomfield station (Haydon horses) and Thornthwaite station, as well as other well known bloodlines going back over 100 years such as Scrumlo and Wiljohn.Our mares include grand daughters of Elliott's Creek Cadet (1967), Nabinabah the Gun (1957), Nabinabah Comma (1966), Austock Beranghi (1956), Scrumlo Firelight (1960), Warrenbri Romeo (1975), Realm of Fire (1982), Reality (1958), Myra Bronze (1951), Lindsay (1982), Scrumlo Uranium (1964) and great grand daughters of Abbey (1955), Never In Doubt (1957), Sundown (1951), Bobby Bruce (1938), Chan (1945), Bush Fire (1961), Amber Princess (1967) and Cecil Bruce (1968).

Ideally, in our mares we are after good legs and bone, correct leg action, intelligent and calm temperament, wide set kind eyes, good length of rein with sloping shoulders, agility and of course the ability to throw quality foals. Please double click their names to see their full pedigrees. None of our brood mares have any Quarter Horse breeding in their pedigrees but are 100% Australian and all are approved as Heritage Stock Horses.


HAYDON SUN CHARM - HSH and her hours old filly
"Emugully Black Opal"


PENTA DANA - HSH (deceased) and her 9 wk filly