Emugully Warcry – HSH

EMUGULLY WARCRY - HSH SOLD Black gelding of exceptional temperament, bone and size.  Mature 15.3hh+.    Full brother reached 16hh.  Strong campdrafting, polocrosse bloodlines.  His dam, Booerie Creek Comma, is by Jaipur out of a  full sister to Nabinabah Breezette; also Warrenbri Romeo, Nabinabah Gunner, Sundown, Panzer bloodlines.  Full brother broke in very well.  $1400  (see also photos of full brother Emugully Willoughby near bottom of sold horses)  video of Warcry

Emugully Digger James – HSH

EMUGULLY DIGGER JAMES - HSH Lot 182   YouTube link SOLD Chestnut gelding with exceptional temperament and shows great mind and trainability. Very soft and responsive gelding. Loads of character, well handled and is very quiet and sensible with friendly disposition.  Dam producing good cattle sense progeny and A grade polocrosse horses.  Young sire ANZAC Digger has had a series of freak injuries and hasn't competed, but producing lovely foals with very soft, trainable natures that are a real pleasure to work with.  Bloodlines include Royalle Scotsman (by Star Black Minstril), Fintona Artist and Reality. Mature 15.1hh

Emugully Ruby – HSH

EMUGULLY RUBY - HSH  Lot 22   YouTube link SOLD
Beautiful, heritage bred chestnut filly, friendly and sensible with impeccable polo bloodlines. Should mature approx 15.0hh. Lovely friendly temperament, quiet, quick to learn/responsive and a real pleasure to handle. A filly with a lot of heart that would make an outstanding prospect for polo and polocrosse fields. Dam line has proven polo performance, sire line proven polocrosse and campdrafting. Bloodlines include ABBEY, RIVOLI RAY, NABINABAH EASY GUN and HAYDON NEVER DOUBT.

Emugully Shepparton – HSH

Bay/Brown gelding. Should mature approx 15.0hh. A real gem in temperament and disposition that just makes him stand out, he has had extensive handling and has done a lot of Natural Horsemanship ground work. Great to rug, catch, trim, lunge, excellent hooves, super temperament. He has a very friendly personality and enjoys attention and is quiet in nature and not easily stirred - you can shake a plastic bag on a stick all around him, bag him and swing a lead rope and he just stands there relaxed, yet when you ask him to move, he quickly responds. All siblings have broken in extremely well, are comfortable to ride, and showing versatility. Strong polocrosse and campdrafting bloodlines including WARRENBRI ROMEO - IS, NABINABAH GUNNER - IS, SUNDOWN - FS, ELLIOTTS CREEK CADET - FS, ABBEY - FS, Chan - WH and Panzer - WH. Heritage Stock Horse approved. Sisters are going well in NSW and WA.

YouTube links to show him in action:
part 1: natural horsemanship groundwork exercises in arena part 2: led workout part 3: High Definition video showing conformation

Emugully Damascus – HSH

EMUGULLY DAMASCUS - HSH  SoldBeautiful quiet 6 year old broodmare with Chestnut filly at foot. Chestnut with extensive ticking approx 15.1hh. Has thrown two beautiful marked and lovely friendly temperament bay foals. In foal to our young bay stallion ANZAC DIGGER - HSH  who is by Royalle Scotsman (Aus) - HSH.  This lovely mare by Indee Topic (by Palmers Navaho) will be a great asset to any stud.

Glendonald Cleo – HSH

Cleo is heritage bred grand daughter of Lindsay - IS. She was broken in but due to injury is only suitable as a broodmare, however she is good to float, lead, tie etc. We now have too many mares so we are regretfully selling Cleo with her filly by our stallion EGANS TIL BUSTER - HSH. All Cleo's foals are agile, quick learners and would make excellent draft or polocrosse prospects. Photos of Cleo's yearling geldings Toko and Terang also by Til Buster can be seen below in the sold section and video links of Toko are below.Emugully Toko video part 1 natural horsemanship groundwork session in arena Emugully Toko video part 2 walk around and leading at a walk and trot from front and back to show straightness of action (part 1 & 2 standard definition)

Emugully Toko video part 3 walk around him to show conformation (High Definition video)

Emugully Trent – HSH


Trent is a lovely heritage bred Australian Stock Horse gelding with multiple crosses of Abbey - FS, as well as Rivoli Ray - IS, Radux - FS, Warrenbri Romeo - IS, Bush Fire - FS and Elliotts Creek Cadet - FS. He is a lovely quiet sensible boy, solid build with good bone, Well handled rising two year old currently standing 15hh should mature 15.2+, eye catching chestnut colour who is a pleasure to handle and quick to learn. Heritage Stock Horse approved. $1500
YouTube links to show him in action:
part 1 groundwork exercises in round yard part 1
part 2 
flat work
part 3 High Definition video showing conformation

Emugully Sure Fire – HSH

Quiet, sensible black gelding. This boy has a lovely quiet temperament and personality, is smart, good minded and athletic. Sure Fire is currently nudging close to 14hh and very solid of build with good bone, should mature 14.3-15hh. Full sister and two half siblings retained by the stud.  All progeny by his dam have broken in very well. He is a very sweet natured horse that seems to always be interested in a calm laid back way in things happening around him, good doer with good hooves. Bloodlines include Warrenbri Romeo - IS, Nabinabah Gunner - IS, Sundown - FS, Elliotts Creek Cadet - FS, Chan - WH, Panzer - WH and Realm of Fire. Heritage Stock Horse approved $1500YouTube links to show him in action:

part 1 groundwork exercises in round yard part 2 flat work part 3 High Definition video showing conformation