Emugully Toko – HSH

Toko is a heritage bred Australian Stock Horse Gelding, very agile, alert, sensible, brown/black gelding. Would be well suited to polocrosse or campdrafting. Heritage Stock Horse approved, with a wealth of classic Heritage breeding including multiple Abbey - FS, Rivoli Ray - IS, Radux - FS, Lindsay - IS, Warrenbri Romeo - IS, Cecil Bruce - IS and Scrumlo Uranium - FS. $1400YouTube links to show him in action:

part 1 natural horsemanship groundwork session in arena part 2 walk around and leading at a walk and trot from front and back to show straightness of action (part 1 & 2 standard definition)

part 3 walk around him to show conformation (High Definition video)

Emugully Black Opal – HSH

Beautiful, heritage bred brown/black filly, friendly, calm and sensible with impeccable polo bloodlines. Should mature approx 15.0 - 15.0hh plus. Quiet and a pleasure to handle. Bloodlines include WARRENBRI DAVID, NABINABAH EASY GUN and HAYDON NEVER DOUBT.

Emugully Mackay – HSH

Brown/black gelding, quiet, friendly, good minded yearling. Should mature approx 15.0 - 15.0hh plus. Dam very cowy, with impeccable temperament. Strong polocrosse and campdrafting bloodlines which include WARRENBRI ROMEO, ELLIOTTS CREEK CADET and ABBEY.

Proven Stallion for sale: SOLD TO A POLO HOME IN SA

Chandlers Warrego

CHANDLERS WARREGO Chandlers Warrego (DOB 1/8/1998), is a quiet, fuss free stallion who runs with the mares - or is happy to have his own paddock.  He is paddock sound but due to a past injury in his front hoof, he is unsound for anything but light riding.  Warrego is a black stallion that doesn't carry the chestnut gene - so all our foals have been black, black/grey, brown or bay.  We have leased him for four seasons and are only parting with him due to the fact we have retained 7 fillies and have three other stallions/colts, so we sadly need to move him on.  The progeny we have are quiet and good minded horses.
While Warrego is only 15.1hh himself, many of our progeny (both colts and fillies) have been taller than either parents. For more information on his bloodlines and perfomance see http://heritagehorse.wpengine.com/stallion_chandlerswarrego.asp to see our progeny from Warrego check out our foal pages 2008 onwards.

Emugully Tamworth

EMUGULLY TAMWORTH  $1800 SOLD - Lovely brown filly by Egans Til Buster, sisters all good minded fillies. Bloodlines include 3 crosses of Abbey - FS (through sons Abdux, Comara Topline - IS and Jack - IS), Rivoli Ray - IS, Radux - FS, Bullseye, The Bullseye and Bright Flame.

Emugully Ceasefire

EMUGULLY CEASEFIRE $1400 SOLD Lovely gentle natured gelding by Chandlers Warrego - sister and brother retained by stud - siblings broke in beautifully. Bloodlines include Warrenbri Romeo - IS, Nabinabah Gunner - IS, Elliotts Creek Cadet - FS, Chan, Panzer and Realm of Fire.

Emugully Marshall

EMUGULLY MARSHALL  SOLD (11/2/10) Very quiet gentle natured gelding by Chandlers Warrego. Would make good kids horse in future. Unusual pangare Bay (looks buckskin), bloodlines include double cross of Warrenbri Romeo - IS and Nabinabah the Gun - FS, as well as Abbey - FS and Elliotts Creek Cadet - FS.

Emugully Taree

Emugully Taree - $1500 SOLD lovely quiet, well handled weanling filly out of Emugully Damascus by Egans Til Buster.

Emugully Windermere

Brown/black 2 year old filly (10/10/2008). Very athletic responsive filly with basic handling and ready to break in.  We have too many horses so we have decided to keep her younger full sister. Rare opportunity to gain multiple Scrumlo and Nabinabah bloodlines. Bloodlines include Scrumlo Firelight (FS), Scrumlo Nita (FM), Nabinabah the Gun (FS) through both Nabinabah Gunner - IS and Nabinabah Gunman, Warrenbri Romeo (IS) with multiple crosses of Panzer, Bobbie Bruce and Gibbergunyah. She will probably mature 14.3-15 hands $2000 incl  GST 

Note she has only been tacked up once as part of our normal practice for handling two year olds, and we found her very sensible and accepting of all gear - nothing more has been done other than what is seen in this photo, she is not broken in nor has been started.