Emugully Melba

Sold at the Toowoomba ASHS Broodmare and Yearling sale 12th March 2011 EMUGULLY MELBA  (22/10/2009) sold $4125 (inc GST)
Heritage bred, stylish athletic black/grey yearling filly by Chandlers Warrego out of Penta Magic with a look at me presence and lovely movement. From strong campdraft and polo bloodlines including ELLIOTTS CREEK CADET - FS, WARRENBRI ROMEO - IS, NABINABAH GUNNER - IS, NABINABAH BREEZETTE and ABBEY - FS. Mature approx 15.0hh.

Emugully Skye

EMUGULLY SKYE (10/11/2009) sold $3575 inc GST
Heritage bred, very striking tall black yearling filly by Chandlers Warrego out of Glendonald Starlight, from strong campdraft and polo bloodlines, including NABINABAH GUNNER - IS, WARRENBRI ROMEO - IS, CECIL BRUCE - IS, SCRUMLO URANIUM - FS, SCRUMLO FIRELIGHT - FS and SCRUMLO MYSTERY - FM should mature well over 15.0hh. Rare opportunity to gain multiple SCRUMLO foundation bloodlines.

Emugully Larrikin

4 Year old Heritage bred sooty liver chestnut gelding, 15hh. He has an exceptional temperament, very quiet, calm and friendly and has mostly used in trail riding.
Myra Bronze (by Panzer), Palmers Navaho (by Warrenbri Romeo out of Nabinabah Breezette). Comfortable to ride, good to c/s/f/r. Dam's full sisters played A grade Polo. Campdrafting bloodlines on both sides of pedigree.
A video was taken of him April last year at age 2 1/2, eight weeks after he was broken in see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIopeHfrQMY&feature=channel Only for sale as he is not bay and does not match our other troop horses in colour and is being wasted. Full sister is being retained by stud as is his older half brother Anzac (bay gelding) and younger half sister.
Note: saddled photos taken 28/9/10 three weeks later than unsaddled photo in winter coat. 
$4000 including GST

Emugully Remeber Beersheba

EMUGULLY REMEMBER BEERSHEBA #185982 SOLD 3 Year old Heritage-bred chestnut filly. Mature 15+hh. Green broken only a couple of months but very laid back and sensible. Comfortable to ride, good to c/s/f/r. Exceptionally quiet, sweet temperament with no vices. Campdrafting bloodlines on both sides of pedigree. Full sister retained by stud. Her dam Haydon Rachel played polo, won campdrafts and was a top pony club mount before becoming a brood mare. Rachel’s dam Radial by Austock Beranghi won over a hundred Championship ribbons in hack, riding and sporting classes during the mid 1980’s. Rachel is the dam of Roscommon Anzac a successful campdrafter (Southern Campdrafting Association’s Maiden and Novice horse of the year for the 2005/2006 season) and winner of led and ridden events. Rachel was bred on the same stud, by the same family as the mare Midnight killed in the charge of Beersheba and is descended from Midnight’s sire Tester. (see History page) Note: saddled photos taken 28/9/10 three weeks later than unsaddled photo in winter coat. $3500 including GST

Emugully Tara

EMUGULLY TARA $1980 including GST SOLD to WA
 Egans Til Buster out of Penta Sheba).

Heritage bred, good minded, pretty chestnut filly. Tara is smart, responsive and well handled. All her siblings are quiet and responsive and have broken in well, her dam produces athletic, sensible progeny with her half sisters having being sold to Vic and WA and half brother retained by the stud and used extensively in Light Horse re-enactments. (See Bushfire, top right of home page or Top left of show results). Sire Egans Til Buster is a lovely natured stallion producing cowy athletic progeny.   Tara has a small scar on her back white sock from an injury as a newborn foal. Her bloodlines include: Abbey, Rivoli Ray, Elliotts Creek Cadet and Chan bloodlines. Should mature to 14.3hh 

Emugully Whyalla


Very smart sensible filly - excellent to handle on the ground - sister broke in well. Younger sister retained by the stud.  Bloodlines include The Barrister (by Bareye), Bullseye, The Bullseye, Abbey, Tester, Young Valais, Warrenbri Romeo and Nabinabah the Gun. Should mature 14.2 - 14.3 hh The following 2008 yearlings were sold at the March ASHS "Select for the Future" Toowoomba Yearling and Broodmare Sale:

Emugully Thompson

(by Egans Til Buster out of Penta Magic).

Heritage bred grey gelding.  He is the sentimental stud favourite due to his exceptionally calm, quiet and friendly temperament, but he also has brains and the natural agility to go with it and has been seen to do roll backs naturally in the paddock.  Ideal pony club or polocrosse prospect and would make a great family horse. Dam is a very soft, agile and cowy mare, sire has produced successful campdrafters.  Ideal for Youth to take on as a breaking project (obviously under experienced supervision) due to his sensible, intelligent, quiet, easy going temperament.  Both parents have exceptional temperament with no buck and are producing cowy athletic progeny and Thompson would make an ideal polocrosse or campdrafting prospect.  He is only for sale as he is the wrong colour and sex.  Good home essential. His bloodlines include: Abbey, Rivoli Ray, Elliotts Creek Cadet, Chan and Tester (the sire of Haydon's Midnight killed in the Charge of Beersheba in 1919). Should mature 14.3-15hh

Emugully Tully

EMUGULLY TULLY  SOLDBay/brown filly, lovely temperament, strong campdraft bloodlines on both sides. Other progeny by this sire doing well in campdraft arena. Bloodlines include double cross of ABBEY, plus WARRENBRI ROMEO, RIVOLI RAY, ELLIOTTS CREEK CADET, BUSH FIRE and RADUX. Excellent minded filly.  Quick to learn, sensible and responsive filly showing a lot of natural ability. Should mature 15-15.1 hh – currently 14.1hh