Emugully Diggers Sweetheart – HSH

Lot 22    Emugully Diggers Sweetheart – HSH SOLD

Lovely gentle quiet temperament, very sensible and well conformed filly. A great breaking prospect for youth or lady due to her beautiful sweet trainable nature.

This filly really lives up to her name and is a real Sweetheart. Her temperament is beautiful - a very easy going, sweet natured filly who is a delight to handle. She is great with other horses, very chilled about everything with no "mareish" attitude. Very trainable filly who is very light and soft, personable without being pushy or arrogant. I believe she would make a great all rounder, reliable horse for youth or family. From a very good doing line so an easy keeper, low maintenance filly. Sweetheart is great to catch, tie, trim and rug and should mature to 14.2-15hh - probably closer to 15hh.

Her sire Anzac Digger – HSH has a truly superb soft trainable temperament and has passed it on to all his foals.

All siblings out of dam have broken in very well and proven to be great all rounder horses in a large variety of disciplines from dressage, pony club, cattle work to Light Horse Troop work. The stud has kept her half brother Gunfire and is used for general riding, Light Horse Troop work and he is ridden by grandkids and my opinion is that Sweetheart has even a better temperament.
Heritage bred in the purple bloodlines include Royalle Scotsman -HSH by Star Black Minstril -FS HSH, Rannock - HSH, Elliotts Creek Cadet – FS HSH, Chan, Realm of Fire – HSH (by Bush Fire – FS TB) and Tester from Bloomfield station which bred horses for WW1. Tester was the sire of hundreds of remounts including Midnight the famous Waler mare killed in the Charge of Beersheba.
Click here for a video of Sweetheart taken 28th April 2016

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