Emugully Sweetheart (Sweetie)


Bay 3 year old filly. Sweetie was not bred by our stud, her dam Penta Satin was bought in foal to Condor Madison (by Docs Boab out of a Buc Lena mare). Sweetie’s dam is an Elliotts Creek Cadet and Realm of Fire granddaughter and also has Chan, Dimray and The Bullseye bloodlines and is of 100% heritage Australian bloodlines, however Sweetie’s sire was from 100% Quarter Horse lines which is why we are selling her, as through no fault of hers, she doesn’t fit our Heritage criteria.Sweetheart is a quiet, calm and sensible ~14.2hh. She was broken in late due to EI and is vice free. She was “bushed” in NSW for over a year to develop toughness and surefootedness.  She is comfortable to ride, has great hooves, has a good nature, is a good doer, great to catch, tie and float. She has been professionally broken in and trained for approximately 6 weeks. With a bit more riding experience and further education Sweetheart will make a great all rounder horse suitable for the whole family. see her in action on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IQvwwITwT8 $3500 plus GST SOLD EMUGULLY VICTORIA  (Vicky) SOLD

Bay yearling filly. Good to handle, catch, trim feet, float and lead. Sensible, quiet and very agile. Bred for campdrafting or polo.Vicky’s is a granddaughter of Scrumlo Victory - IS (by Abbey) and there are not many horses with the Heritage credentials of this filly - 7 of her 8 great grandparents are Foundation Sires or Dams. These include Abbey – FS, Scrumlo Victoria – FM, Scrumlo Firelight – FS, Scrumlo Mystery – FM, Nabinabah the Gun – FS, Scrumlo Nita – FM. Further back in her pedigree there is Bobby Bruce, Jack, Gibbergunyah, Saladin, Radium and Cecil. $3000 plus GST SOLD

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